...Cornish Apple Original Schnapps - a refreshing new concept

Produced here on the edge of Bodmin Moor, we believe this is the only Cornish Apple Schnapps on the market.

CAOS is a blend of spirit, Cornish spring water, apple juice and honey, which includes pollen and nectar, collected by our bees from the apple orchards. These ingredients are carefully blended in exact quantities to give CAOS its distinctive flavour.

An exceptionally refreshing, alcoholic apple drink that can enjoyed chilled, over ice, as a mixer or base for cocktails. Or add a touch of bubbles and try it with Prosecco for an 'appley' CAOS Royale!

Suitable for any occasion, be it a wedding reception, birthday party or something original for a corporate event.

CAOS is produced in a range of options:

50ml @20% abv, glass bottle,
popular as small gifts of wedding favours

275ml @ 8% abv glass bottle
to suit a wide range of social occasions .

500ml @8% abv glass bottle
to meet the needs of a festival or party